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Textile Fabric Types – Different Types of Fabrics and Their Patterns

Calico Fabric

Calico is plain, tabby woven fabrics printed with simple designs employing one or more colors.

Charmeuse Fabric

Charmeuse is a lightweight satin weave fabric, traditionally used to make with 100% silk.

Chenille Fabric

Chenille is a heavyweight, rough woven fabric often used for upholstery, curtains, and cushions.

Corduroy Fabric

Corduroy Fabric is made from major textile fibers with one warp and two fillings.

Gabardine Fabric

Gabardine is made of twill woven worsted or cotton fabric. The fabric is produced by maintaining higher twist on warp yarns compared to weft yarns resulting in a fine, prominent twill line.

Interlock Stitch Knit Fabric

Interlock stitch Knits are variations of rib stitch knits. The front and back of interlocks are the same. These fabrics are usually heavier and thicker than regular rib knit fabrics unless used with finer yarns.

Laminated Fabric

Sometimes the apparels, bags, beds are needed to be protected from the dust and other outer particles. This can be carried out through the laminated fabric, used to laminate all kind of clothing and many more.

Leno Fabric

A fabric in which an open effect is created by causing certain thread ends or doup threads to cross over. the doup ends twist catching the weft and holding it tightly in place.